Home Staging Must Do’s for Sellers


Staging is worth the time and effort when selling your home. Home staging, done correctly, helps buyers focus on the home’s features rather than its flaws. Staging also helps sell your home faster, shine in competitive markets, and helps buyers imagine themselves living there. Read below for some of the must-dos in home staging.

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1. Add curb appeal.
In order to attract buyers to want to see the inside of your home, you need make the outside of your house inviting by boosting its curb appeal. Boost curb appeal by doing the following:
• Mow the lawn.
• Plant flowers.
• Trim overgrown greenery.
• Put a welcome mat and potted plants on your front porch or stoop.
• Clean your windows.
• Pressure wash your house and walkways.
• Make sure your house number is easy to read.

2. Get rid of clutter.
One of the most basic tasks but also the most essential is to remove clutter from your home. If you declutter your home, you are allowing buyers to see the space and imagine themselves living in it. Home buyers want large spacious rooms and decluttering is the fastest and easiest way to achieve that impression. Three steps to decluttering:
• Remove personal items including family photos, knick-knacks or collections on display, and unusual decor. When you take the personality out of your home, it better allows prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there.
• Remove excess and worn furniture. Buyers aren’t going to miss the extra furniture and taking it out makes your home instantly look larger. Likewise, remove any older or worn furniture. A buyer may look at banged up furniture, and as unfair as it sounds, may assume that your home has not been well taken care of.
• Look at this as an opportunity. By decluttering your home now, you can avoid spending the time and money to move them later.

3. Clean everything! You want your home to sparkle. Air out the entire house by opening windows, and make sure you wash everything your pets touch. No one is attracted to bad odors. Consider hiring a pro if cleaning is not your thing, but a deep clean is a definite must in staging your home.


4. Aim for a light and bright look. Lighting is an essential part of staging. Buyers want to see bright rooms. Open your blinds, pull your curtains back, make sure your light fixtures look appealing, and let the light shine in!

5. Make it neutral. Painting a room a fresh neutral color not only helps rooms appear larger but also helps potential buyers see that themselves living in that space. Presentation and first impressions mean everything when selling a home, and neutral colors spark more interest and bring in higher offers.


6. Stage important rooms first. If you can stage your entire house, great, but if you lack the time or money, you get the most bang for your buck by staging certain rooms. A survey by the National Association of REALTORS® found that the living room is the most crucial space to stage, with master bedroom next, and then followed by the kitchen.

7. Rearrange and/or remove furniture. Remove furniture to make your home look bigger and more appealing to potential buyers. Also, create a cozy, intimate space by rearranging furniture. Position it away from the walls and anchor it with an area rug to create an ideal, intimate space.

There are a number of other things you can do to make your home appealing to the largest number of prospective buyers, but these simple and inexpensive staging ideas are a great way to really make an impact and bring in top dollar for your home.

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