Sell Your Home Fast…It’s All About the PREP

One of the questions all REALTOR®’s get is “how fast can you sell my home?” Whether they are relocating or just moving, home sellers are in a hurry. Sellers don’t want to wait months to sell. They want their home sold today, but how fast your home sells is all about the PREP.


The most misunderstood element about any home sale is the importance of setting the right price when your home is initially listed for sale. A good REALTOR® will help you select a price based on your home’s current condition and how it compares to homes that have SOLD nearby that are a good match to yours. You want to price your home correctly in order to bring in the most prospective buyers.


Choosing the right REALTOR® to represent you in your home sale can make or break your success. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when choosing your representation. Do some research over the internet to find out what they write about and what prior customers have written about them. Ask what sets them apart from other agents. Visit their website and social media platforms to discover more about them, and because today’s world is a digital one, think twice about hiring any REALTOR® that does not have an internet presence.


When it’s time to sell your home, you need to make sure it’s seen by well-qualified, interested home buyers. Your home must be marketed across a multitude of social media and online sites. Over 92% of home buyers begin their search for a new home online. You want your home exposed to buyers looking for homes in your area and price range so you don’t miss the “right” buyer for your home. This is where pricing and representation also play a big factor.


Favorable first impressions are a must. It is crucial that your home is presented through great photos and videos to make your home stand out from the other homes you’re competing against. Make sure your home grabs the attention of prospective buyers so they want to see more. See “Home Staging Must Do’s For Sellers” for tips and tricks on helping you prepare your home before taking pictures.

As you can now see, selling a home is all about the PREP. Price correctly, get the right Representation, make sure your home gets online Exposure, and that Presentation is as “pretty as a picture.” These are the essential keys to getting you to the closing table as fast as possible. You need to make sure your home is ready to be sold.

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