5 Good Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, you may be tempted to go it alone. After all, there’s nothing to it, right? The truth is there’s a lot that goes into selling a house. Agents do a lot more than just bring in potential buyers and show up to sign documents at closing. They know all the ins and outs of buying or selling a home. Having a good agent is invaluable. Here are 5 things to take into account when deciding whether to list with an agent or try to sell on your own.

  1. You’re Already Busy. Selling a house can be a full-time job. You have to field calls from prospective buyers, advertise, and possibly hold open houses. Agents do these things multiple times a day, and they do them well. They already know how to sell a house, where to advertise and how to prepare for an open house. They aren’t too busy to make sure people who express interest in buying your home are “qualified” buyers. This is their full-time job, not just something more to add to their busy plate.
  2. Real Estate Agents Have More Experience. Experience can make a huge difference in getting your home sold. Real Estate Agents know how to navigate the market. They’ve trained for this and passed exams. They’ve done this multiple times, and their goal is the same as yours –  to get your house sold. An agent will just know how to do it faster and better.
  3. Real Estate Agents are Professional Negotiators. Selling your house can be emotional. An agent is removed from that and can give you expert guidance and advice. A real estate agent can help you focus on the bigger picture and not get hung up in the negotiation phase and the emotions that may hinder you during this phase.
  4. Real Estate Agents Understand Contracts. Closing paperwork is complicated. There are state and federal regulations, and it can get overwhelming quickly. A real estate agent helping you sell your home is going to know about contracts and closings. Sometimes, last minute things can come up that may be deal breakers; an experienced agent will anticipate these ahead of time and make sure nothing stands in the way on closing day.
  5. Real Estate Agents Can Give Your Pricing Advice. Agents know the neighborhood, the market, and comparable housing prices. All of these things need to be considered when pricing your home. This is invaluable in order to make sure your house is priced right and will sell.

Selling your home is not easy. Hiring an agent will take a lot of stress off your shoulders and may get your home sold more quickly and at a better price than if you tried to do it on your own. Hiring an experienced Real Estate Agent can potentially be the best decision you can make during the entire process.

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