Items To Never Leave Out At An Open House

During an Open House, you open up your home, let strangers in and out all day, and go somewhere else while it’s happening. This leaves one person, your REALTOR®, to watch over your entire home while also trying to sell it to prospective buyers. Although you want to believe the best in people coming to see your home, visitors are going to have a lot of unsupervised time alone in your home. It is ALWAYS best to hide or remove things that people may be interested in if you are holding an Open House. Protect your things and NEVER leave these things out at the Open House.

  1. Prescriptions and other drugs. The medicine cabinet or your nightstand will be the first place a thief will look.
  2. Anything that is valuable and easily accessible. This should be obvious that anything of value should be put away before an open house. Money, jewelry, guns, cell phones, laptops, artwork and anything else that can easily be walked away with are popular things stolen at an Open House. Also, DO NOT FORGET to take your extra set of keys with you!
  3. Documents with your personal information. Lock away documents in a secure location to avoid any chance of identity theft. Also, be sure to remove anything with bank account numbers, credit card numbers and other financial information.
  4. Identifying information with your name on it. You want the buyers focused on the house and what it has to offer, not your personal life. Keep your info out of reach.
  5. Food that can be snagged from the fridge. Believe it or not, people will open the fridge and steal food. They tend to go for easy to grab items so put the things people want in harder to get to.  Also, it may be a good idea to leave out refreshments for visitors coming to view your home.

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