5 Buyer Turn-Offs to Avoid

When you are in the process of selling a home, you have a lot going on. You may be busy packing or researching your next home, job-searching for your new area, and doing everything you can to keep your house spotless for the next showing. With so much going on, it’s easy to let maintenance items slide, but this would be a mistake. The exterior of your home provides the first impression of your home, so put forth the effort to keep your curb appeal appealing.

Manicure the yard. Keep your yard mowed and tidy, sweep walkways and pull weeds. A well-kept yard with attractive flowerbeds and an inviting front porch are appealing to buyers. If a potential buyer does not like the way your house looks on the outside, they may never see the inside.

Clean the gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to drainage issues that may damage your landscaping and foundation. If buyers see puddles of water and debris along the roofline, they will not get a good impression of your home.

Check for unwanted critters. Inspect the attic, basement and crawl spaces for unwanted guests. This is a complete turn-off for buyers. Make sure to plug any holes or cracks that could allow animals access to your home. Consider hiring an exterminator if necessary and stay up-to-date on routine pest control.

Wash the windows. Be sure to keep your windows sparkling. Not only do clean windows let a potential buyer know that you take care of your home, they also let in light, making a much brighter and inviting space.

Stay in season. Keep furniture, plants and decor in season. This lets potential buyers know that you still care and maintain your home.

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