Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home

Photo by Anni Roenkae on

The one surefire way to update the look of your home is to paint. But where to begin when choosing the right color for your walls? Some people like to choose their favorite shades; while others, try to match their existing furniture or décor. But did you know that there are optimal choices for each room? When you are ready to splash a new color in your home, consider choosing a shade that suits the room’s purpose. Here are some great guidelines as you pick your paint.

Bedrooms: Green. Green is a color associated with calmness and relaxation. By choosing green in the bedroom, it may help you rest better after a busy day.

Offices: Blue. Blue is a proven productivity booster. It can help lower heart rate so you can focus and stimulate energy so you work hard.

Dining Rooms: Red. The color red is an exciting color believed to make people hungry, which makes it an ideal choice for the Dining Room.

Kitchens: Yellow. This bright, cheerful color adds to the “Joys of Cooking” and creates an inviting atmosphere, where family and guests can gather.

Living Rooms: White. The color white makes rooms appear larger and encourages relaxation, which makes it a perfect choice for lounging spaces.

Media Rooms: Black. It may sound extreme, but black, or another dark shade, allows viewers to focus on the screen as the only light in the room. The dark color reduces reflections and glare and improves viewing color.

Think these colors too extreme or just not in your color palette? Consider adding splashes of these shades in each room. Add green pillows in your bedroom or red decorations in the dining room. You may be pleasantly surprised as to how well these colors enhance the ambiance of each space.

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