Attention Sellers: What Buyers Want

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Today’s television lineup is filled with shows on buying, selling, and flipping homes. These shows give homeowners great ideas on what they want in their home, how they want to decorate, and which DIY projects are worth it; but, they have also overloaded home shoppers with ideas about real estate. Because of this, buyers have very high expectations when searching for a potential home. They’ve seen houses on TV and that’s what they want to see when they schedule a showing of a property. Things should be picture perfect to grab their attention and keep it. Fresh paint, updated kitchens and bathrooms, neutral décor and modern conveniences top the list of what buyers want.

It is important to keep these standards in mind as you prepare to put your home on the market. Invest in upgrades for outdated interiors such as swapping out dated fixtures and taking the time to boost curb appeal. Definitely paint and declutter. Think about hiring a professional to help stage the home. Finally, ask a REALTOR® for recommendations to help decide which investments would make the best investment.

As sellers make these changes, keep in mind that location matters. Although you want your home to look good to prospective buyers, you do not want to price your home out of the area. Remodeling and redecorating should be appropriate for the neighborhood that you live. Extensive updates may make a home look beautiful, but you do not want it to be overpriced. A seller does not want to go overboard and create a $200,000 home in a $100,000 neighborhood.

A local real estate agent is your best friend when it comes to which projects should be completed to properly prep your home for sale. They are knowledgeable about the area and know what sells. With the right updates at the right budget, sellers are much more likely to sell their homes quickly and get top dollar for their property.

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