Decorating During the Holiday Season for Home Sellers

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Decorating for the Christmas season is upon us but may present a predicament for home sellers. You want your home to be open-house ready, but you don’t want to go through the holidays without decorating. Do the same staging rules apply during the holidays? The basics such as de-cluttering, depersonalizing and detaching remain the same, but it is a whole new ball game when it comes to holiday decorating. Follow these helpful tips to make your decorations a selling tool, not a scare tactic.

Tone down the tree.

Most REALTORS® and home stagers agree that a Christmas tree can really add something to a home, but sellers need to be careful not to overdo it. Keep piles of presents small  and minimize personal ornaments.

Create a cozy vibe.

Subtle touches can create a warm and festive feeling in your home. Consider display centerpieces or bowls of pinecones or other wintry accents. Set a plate of cookies on the counter, next to some festive paper napkins, or even simmer some apple cider on the stove and set out cups and a serving utensil. Not only will your home smell great, it will help create that cozy vibe you’re going for. Other things that help to create that feeling – light the fireplace, play soft classical music and crank up the heat. Buyers will want to spend more time in your home out of the cold, giving them additional time to admire your home in all its holiday glory.

Complement your color palette.

Before untangling those colored Christmas lights, make sure your holiday collection matches your current decor. If your living room is painted ocean blue, instead of the clashing red and green garland, opt for white lights, snowflakes and silver balls and ribbons. If your house is in earthy tones, consider rich tones such as forest green or cranberry. Tone down the tacky, use more generic Christmas decor and limit the personal stuff. You want potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home, not you in your home.

Reel in the Clark Griswald.

You may love 5,000 colored lights and tons of inflatables, but if your home is on the market this year, you need to reign it in. Instead, use simple string lighting that plays up your homes architecture or draws attention to its best features, such as a sprig of mistletoe in the arched doorway you love so much.

More seasonal, less religious.

It is a good idea to keep your decorations more seasonal and less religious. Religious flourishes, such as a life-size Nativity scene, may turn some buyers off. You want to keep neutrality throughout so all types of buyers feel welcome.

Listen to your REALTOR®.

Listing your home is hard enough, but trying to de-clutter and depersonalize during the holidays can be especially challenging. Listen to your REALTOR® and let buyers focus on your home, not your holiday decor.

RELAX and enjoy the holidays- the New Year is just around the corner.

The holidays are stressful enough. Take a moment to remind yourself that if you don’t sell now, there’s always next year, which luckily, is just a few days away.

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