The Surprising Upsides of Holiday Home Shopping

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With so many gifts to shop for, should you add shopping for a new home to your holiday shopping list? It’s such a busy time of year, and it might be better to simply wait. But maybe not! Buying a home during the holiday season does have its rewards, and you won’t find them any other time of the year.

Everyone else is shopping for other stuff. With everyone busy with holiday festivities, you’ll have less competition for your dream home. Less competition means a better chance of actually getting your dream home. Also, sellers have fewer buyers to choose from, which could mean a better deal for you!

Tax breaks from the treasurer. Buying a home at the end of the year may offer tax advantages, and it could be beneficial to close on a new home prior to January 1st. Contact a tax professional for advice.

Sales on Interest Rates. Often interest rates are lower during the holidays, thanks to a decline in demand during this time. Securing a loan now might save you a lot of money down the road.

Quick Close Times. If you need to close fast, this could be a prime time to shop. Typically, both buyers and sellers involved in holiday home closings are motivated to complete the transaction quick in order to give themselves time to settle before the holidays and start of the New Year.

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