Why Selling a Home During the Winter May Be the Best Decision Ever!

Everyone knows that the spring is the best time to see your home. There are hordes of buyers looking to move before the school year begins. Well…maybe not. Selling your home during the winter could reap cash rewards and make you a real estate winner. Winter can be a great time to sell. Here are some of the top reasons to let go of your home when the temperatures drop.

Low inventory = less competition. There are fewer homes for sale in the winter. Everyone has heard of the law of supply and demand: low supply and high demand increases price and vice versa. The low inventory of homes for sale in the winter can make it an ideal time to sell and help you get top dollar for your home.

You get to show your homes winter appeal. Not only does selling during the winter allow home sellers to show that there home can handle the harsh elements, it also helps them show off some of its best features. Fireplaces and hot tubs become more appealing to home buyers during the winter.

Winter brings out the serious buyers. Since more homes tend to go on the market in the spring, this is also when window shoppers are likely to be out looking. Looky-loos may be more scarce during the winter, which means you may have less people at your Open House but more real buyers.

Year-end financial bonuses and payouts.  Year-end performance reviews and bonuses may mean more money to spend on a home.

Corporate relocation. During the winter months, you may be more likely to encounter buyers who are relocating for a job. The two biggest months for relocation are January and February so buyers needing to move quickly are out in full force looking at homes. Relocators typically have a limited amount of time to move and don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time looking at properties which means faster sales and less negotiations.

Looking to sell your home? Contact me to find for a FREE valuation of your home.

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