Moving? Marie Kondo It!

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Almost everyone has heard of Marie Kondo, right? She is a organizing sensation that has created a method to simplify and organize your home by getting rid of items that “do not bring joy into your life”. What better time to use this method than when moving! If you want to incorporate her method into your move, here’s some tips to help you KonMari it.

Give yourself plenty of time. There is one downside to using this method to moving. It isn’t a project you can complete in an afternoon. To do it right, it will take time.

Move from easiest to hardest. The KonMari method is all about order. Start with the items that are easiest to part with and move up to harder items. Think clothing, shoes and books and work your way up to items that hold more personal meaning – documents, miscellaneous objects in drawers and on shelves, and personal mementos for last. At each stage, pick up items and ask yourself if they bring you joy. If they don’t toss or donate it; if it does, it comes to your new home. Of course, there will be personal items, like a toothbrush or medical records, that do not make you gleeful but are necessary. This method does not apply to those items of necessity.

Don’t let sentimentality get in the way. The Marie Kondo method requires complete honesty and urges you to get rid of possessions you’re keeping out of guilt. Think about the purpose an item serves and see if you can repurpose ones that have been stuffed in the back of your drawers. If not, get rid of it.

Pack it up. Get the whole family on board with de-cluttering by encouraging your kids to choose an organization where they’d like to donate what they’re discarding. Encourage them to put at least one item per day in a donation box and to reflect on how it will help somebody else. Once you’ve narrowed your belongings down to daily essentials or those that bring you joy, get packing. The good news? It will take less time to unload and unpack later, and your new, uncluttered home will bring you much greater joy.

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