Top Tech in the Kitchen

Photo by Mark McCammon on

More and more people are turning to tech in their kitchens, and it has become common practice to incorporate them in kitchen remodels. What’s the top tech for the kitchen? Read on!

Home Assistants and Charging Stations.

Home assistants, like Google Home and Alexa, are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. The trend is sure to continue with new products coming on the market that give the benefit of home assistance with video, including Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub. Charging stations are also becoming commonplace in the kitchen with almost half of remodels including docking or charging stations. 2020 is a digital word and any technology that can make tasks easier is on the rise!

High-Tech Appliances and Faucets.

High-tech faucets and appliances remain prevalent in kitchen remodels. Upgraded faucets include features such as touch-only or touch-free activation and water-efficiency. Appliances have built-in apps and wireless controls.

Kitchen Gadgets.

Even gadgets and kitchen knick-knacks are leaning toward technology. There are so many innovative products out there with a variety of high-tech advances. A few worth mentioning – Hiku, an ultimate fridge magnet that creates grocery lists through voice and barcodes; Days Ago – a suction cup that let tracks days opened so you never need to worry about expired foods; and Drop, a Wi-Fi -enabled food scale that adjusts measurements and offers substitutions if you’re running low on an ingredient.

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