Create Romance In Your Home This Valentine’s Day

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You may have planned to take your sweetheart to a nice dinner this Valentine’s Day, but if you want to make it extra special, consider some simple, yet effective strategies to create a romantic ambiance in your home this year instead.

Clean Up and De-Clutter
Although this doesn’t sound very romantic, be practical. No matter what changes you make to your home to create a special place, it’s impossible to make it look romantic if it’s messy! Once the rooms are clean and clutter-free, half the battle is won. Now, it’s time to add the intimacy.

Create the Right Mood with Lighting
Small changes to lighting can make a world of difference. If you have dimmers, setting the lights low can create a fairy-tale atmosphere for you and your sweetie. No dimmers? No worries. You can achieve the same effect using candles. Salt crystal lamps are another option to get that gossamer glow.

Let Love in the Air
Sense of smell adds another dimension to your intimate evening. Kick it up a notch with aromatic candles, potpourris, or oil diffusers. Sandalwood and lavender are among the tops scents to create that dreamy vibe. You can also incorporate fresh flowers for extra oomph!

Music Makes the Mood
You simply cannot have the right ambiance without the right romantic music playing in the background! Download a playlist of soft instrumentals, old-time classics or 21st century love songs depending on what type of music you and your partner enjoy.

Use the Color of Love
Red is the official color of love so why not add some red accents? Get new curtains, bed sheets or pillowcases, heart shaped pillows, or even just some red candles to add pops of color. The key here is to avoid going overboard. While a little red says “I love you,” a lot of red says something much different. Consider pairing red with white or gold to give a balanced and beautiful look to your interior.

Don’t forget to grab the goodies
Lastly, have a box of chocolate and some wine on hand to give your honey and make this the happiest Valentine’s Day yet!

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