Things You Can Learn From HGTV About Selling Your Home

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If you are addicted to HGTV and are thinking about selling your home, you can get some great ideas on what to do and what not to do from shows like Fixer Upper and Love It Or List It. Here are some of the top takeaways when listing your home.

Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines make beautiful homes from fixer uppers by not only remodeling but by decorating and staging them for clients before they move in.

Top Takeaway: Take some time to stage your home. Get out your china and set the table, add some colorful throw pillows, showcase a bowl of fruit, and get some great bedding and towels. The best part – the staging props will move with you to your new house.

Love It Or List It

Hillary and David battle it out to find out whether a home can be “lovable” through remodeling or whether they need to move and “list” it. Buyers feel their home no longer meets their needs – can it be revamped or is it a lost cause?

Top Takeaway: Know who your potential buyers are and take the time to show them your house is perfect for them! If you are trying to appeal to first time buyers, make sure there are areas staged “just for kids”. If it’s high-end buyers you’re targeting, you’ll want high end fixtures and decorative touches.

Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis makes it her mission to save historic homes, one feature at a time. She makes sure that instead of tearing out everything and replacing it with new, the features that make a home special are maintained.

Top Takeaway: Don’t disregard every feature that makes your home special.  Those 1950’s tiles may just need a little elbow grease and love.

House Hunters

If you have ever watched House Hunters, you know the buyers are extremely picky  and that what they want is not what they can afford.

Top Takeaway: Make your home the shining star in its price range. Check out the competition and figure ways to make your home stand out!

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