Spring Cleaning – Room #2 The Dining Room

Photo by Curtis Adams on Pexels.com

Crumbs and spills end up in the strangest of places. Although you may not actually sit down and use your Dining Room on a daily basis, it does tend to see a lot of foot traffic, especially if it’s in the front of your home.

  1. Begin with the chandelier which tends to collect a lot of dust. You’ll be surprised to see a noticeable difference in how bright the room becomes.
  2. Clean your table from the top to the legs. Use soap and water for any type of table. For wood tables, find the right oil or polish to give it that facelift it needs to look new again. Don’t forget to do the same with chairs. Wipe off from top to bottom and vacuum cloth seats. Check every crevice where crumbs have likely dropped over the year.
  3. Your tablecloth dresses the table. An old tablecloth that’s been washed too many times starts to wear and lose its color. Consider buying a new one if yours has seen better days.
  4. Clean and polish your cutlery. Water stains become prominent if not dried properly. Pull out the silver polish and go to work. Take your time to make them shine like new!
  5. Shake out and clean your rug. Vacuuming rugs only goes so far. Now, would be a great time to pull out the carpet cleaner but don’t forget to check the tag first to see what the rug can and cannot handle.
  6. Mop and vacuum your floor after lifting your rug and moving your furniture around. This probably has not been done in a while!

Mark the box – two rooms down. Onward spring cleaners…more to come!

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