Organization Ideas for a Small Closet

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Although one of the first things homebuyers will tell you they’re looking for is closet space and ample storage, you don’t need to have a walk-in to have a closet that works for you. Make the most of what you’ve got with these organization ideas for your small closet.

Remove your closet doors. One way to get additional space is to remove the doors. It will allow you to store bulkier items or bring in items such as a shoe rack or dresser that might not otherwise fit. If you’re really neat, you can leave the closet exposed, or install some stylish curtains to hide the space.

Install sliding doors. If removing the doors altogether is not your thing, than consider changing the way they open. Because sliding doors glide open and closed rather than swinging out, they are another great option to get additional space.

Add hooks or an organizer. If you decide to keep your doors intact, consider a way to use them. Add hooks or organizers for scarves, shoes, belts and jewelry.

Buy a compact dresser. Many places sell compact dressers that easily fit in a closet. You can add more storage with drawers without making physical changes to your closet space.

Get a garment rack. Sometimes, even the largest or most carefully arranged closet is still not enough. If you’re short on space, a garment rack. One on wheels gives you the option of moving items to an unused room when people are visiting.

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