Tips to Help You Maintain a Beautiful Yard All Year Long

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Let’s face it. Everyone craves a lush, beautiful lawn. Whether it’s to boost curb appeal or to turn a drab, boring yard into a grassy paradise, there are steps you can take to keep your yard looking green and lush all year long.

Dethatch with a rake. Thatch is dead or drying glass that if left too thick can suffocate your lawn. Rake away the debris that can inspire pests and disease. A little bit is good for you lawn but keep it under 1/2 an inch. Removal should be done in the Spring at the beginning of growth period so lawns can recover properly.

Aerate the lawn. Compacted soil keeps a lawn from flourishing. By aerating during a high growth period, you loosen the soil so nutrients are able to be absorbed and roots have room to grow. Aeration shoes are a great way to go for smaller lawns, but if your yard is larger, you may need to rent an aeration tool from a place like Home Depot.

Weed & Feed. For many, this is a Spring ritual but beware of overdoing it. Unless you have a major weed problem, you may want to consider spot-spraying or pulling weeds and applying a slow-release fertilizer if needed.

Deal with the bare spots. Once your grass starts looking green again, bare spots may become apparent. Flush the spot with water, rake dead grass, level it out with sand or soil, reseed and water. Before you know it, those bare spots will be a thing of the past.

Seed the lawn. Whether you’re nursing a lawn back to health or trying to grow one for the first time, seeding is an important task. Early spring or fall is the best time to do this as colder conditions can slow down growth.

Water it. All grass needs water. Depending on the type you have, that amount will vary. Get a well placed sprinkler and put it on a timer if you can’t spring for an elaborate in-ground irrigation system. Watering should be done in the early morning hours to avoid burning the full sun can bring.

Avoid cutting it too short. Avoid cutting your lawn too short. Cool-season grasses have an ideal height of two to four inches, while warm-season grasses are shorter and may require additional mowing sessions. Not sure which you have or what the difference is? Visit here.

Vary your mowing direction. Mix up your mowing – it’s good for your lawn! By varying the direction of your mowing, you ensure a more uniform cut, an upright grown pattern and reduce soil compaction.

Leave the clippings. Grass clippings are a natural mulch for your lawn and will help feed your lawn. To avoid unsightly clumping, mow when the grass is dry.

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