Ways Coronavirus Will Change the Way We Design, Style & Live in Our Homes

Home is no longer just a place to unwind and rest our heads. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, our homes have had to do double and triple duty as offices, gyms, classrooms, movie theaters and more. With so many things happening under one roof, we have had to add new functionality, and this is changing the way we view our homes. The global pandemic has made an impact, and designers predict that a change to interior design is here to stay even as restrictions lift. Here are a few ways we may see change to interior spaces in the future:

Larger Home Office Spaces. As we struggled to turn bedrooms into boardrooms, and tables into desks, we may see shift in the importance of designated and larger home office space. For those living in tighter quarters, we may see more drop-down desks and stylish office furniture that can double as decor.

Defined Mudrooms & Entryways. Amid the virus, we all became more aware of the germs coming and going from our homes. Entryways became the spot to remove shoes and face masks, and it’s predicted that these new habits will lead to the reappearance of mudrooms and additional entryways that can help germs from entering the home.

Individual Private Spaces. As families isolated together, one thing became very apparent. We all need our private space! This need for privacy and alone time could bring on more nooks and layouts with distinct spaces rather than the popular oopen floor plan.

Hygienic Surfaces. Kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas could be designed with easy-to-clean hard surfaces and materials that repel bacteria and limit the spread of germs. No-touch technology in faucets and doorbells may also see a rise in popularity.

Additional Entertaining Spaces At-Home. Weeks of sheltering in place has reinforced the idea of home as a safe haven. As people begin to gather with friends and family again, home entertaining may become more popular than ever as an alternative to public spaces such as restaurants and bars. Outdoor entertaining spaces give an inviting and safe alternative to celebrating with others in a private setting, and a shift could be coming in the importance and design of these spaces.

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