Ways to Increase Your Home’s “Screen Appeal”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With many home showings taking place online during COVID-19, it’s important to make your listing stand out “on screen.” Spend some time researching and staging your home to maximize your space and give it a neutral palette to appeal to the most prospective buyers. With stay-at-home ordinances and social distancing guidelines in place, video tours and photos are being relied on more than in-person tours so you want to make sure your home looks as good on screen as it does off.

Stage Your Space

The first step in any home staging is to remove the clutter. Put away the kids’ and pets’ toys, store or recycle magazines, and box up your pictures, refrigerator magnets and mementos for now. The less stuff on display, the more neutral your home will look and the more buyers will be able to see themselves living there. Next, consider the layout. You may have your furniture just the way you like it, but it may not be the best placement to make the most of your space on screen. Be sure to have a clear pathway between furniture pieces so your able to video. Finally, clean and dust all surfaces in sight, replace light bulbs, and open the blinds before filming so you have as much light as possible. Even beautiful spaces won’t look good if there’s not enough light.

Take Test Photos

Take some test photos before enlisting the aid of a photographer. You want your home to look its best. See how your current setup translates on screen. A photographer will take photos of the things that are there. If your home looks too cluttered or dark and dinghy, make sure you make changes before going “live” with your photos.

Do a Practice Walk-Through

If you plan on giving a video tour, and I highly suggest it, be sure to do a practice walk-through. Enlist the aid of your REALTOR® or a friend. When you do a video tour, potential buyers are only going to see what you show them. You want to make sure your highlighting your home’s best features. And don’t forget to keep the walkways clear!

Consider Virtual Staging for Empty Homes

If your home is empty, you have a few options. You can leave it empty, but remember staged homes sell faster. You can purchase furniture, a few key pieces to show the scale of a room. Or you can stage it virtually! Virtual staging digitally adds furnishings to your space. This will make your home look more natural and help to showcase the best parts of your home. There are online services and apps that make virtual staging easy.

Although people continue to buy and sell homes amid COVID-19, and you have already put a lot of thought into enhancing curb appeal, it may be time to turn inwards and up the “screen appeal.” In today’s challenging world, it may be what helps you find the buyer for your home. Contact me for additional ways on making your home look great online and off.

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