Spruce up a Basic Bathroom with Easy DIY Projects

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Sure, the ever-present functional bathroom is sometimes overlooked in favor of decorating other spaces, but your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring! Every little detail counts so I’ve come up with some easy DIY projects that are sure to transform that functional space to make sure it looks its best!

New paint.
A new color instantly changes the mood of a room, and the bathroom is no exception; however, you need to choose the color wisely here since the bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. Pale blue, greens, and grays are always a great choice to give that spa-like feel to this space.

Add some art.
Bring personality to your bathroom with some wall art, use colorful tiles, or wallpaper an accent wall. These small changes make a big impact, but be sure whatever art you add has some sort of covering to protect from moisture.

Change the hardware.
Instantly and easily change the look of a bathroom by changing the hardware. A new faucet and/or cabinet pulls can help a room go from rustic to sleek or vice versa in a matter of minutes. If you’re feeling even more ambitious, change out the sink to match.

Dress up your cabinets.
Make boring cabinet fronts a thing of the past with self-adhesive paper. You can cover the entire surface, or cut out a pattern, allowing color to peek through. Options for paper are endless so get creative here and find a design that fits your style.

Mirror to the max.
Say goodbye to your plain square mirror by considering one with a unique shape, or dress it up with a painted mirror frame. You could even hang an assortment of smaller mirrors to really funk it up depending on the look and vibe you’re going for.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to lack imagination. By making some small and inexpensive changes, this lackluster space may just become inspiring!

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